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Adeyinka Babatunde , founder of IV League Hydration and Wellness,LLC. Is a Registered Nurse, Originally from Chicago, IL, graduate from Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville. She has years of experience and a diverse background in Emergency medicine specialty to general adult medicine working at Trauma I and II hospitals as well as primary care. “It has been my greatest passion throughout my career to make my clients feel their best selves through health and wellness. Here at IV League Hydration and Wellness, we realize that “living your best life” requires a little help sometimes, so Hydrate with us and our experienced healthcare professionals will help you achieve your optimal health and wellness goals faster”. 


Our services are provided by a registered nurse certified in IV infusion administration and supervised by a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner.  Our treatments are not intended to cure but are customized to enhance and improve our clients quality of life. Offering customized infusions to enhance immunity, boost energy, minimize nutrition deficiencies and so much more!

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